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XT912-SST Specifications

Airborne announced the release of the XT912 with SST or Arrow wing, a new strut braced microlight wing. Strut braced microlight wings have lot's of advantages over conventional rigged wings. Apart from looking a lot sleeker, they fit into much lower hangers. The SST or Arrow itself has a highly engineered frame, the use of Airborne inhouse CNC technology adds to the wings superb finish.

The reflex system once controlled by wires from the king post to the trailing edge is now controlled using internal sprogs. The sail on new wings is precisely matched to the frame. In the air they look high performance and with it's cruise speed of 70 knots and range of around 700 km it performs exceptionally well.

The slow speeds are also comparable with the Streak 3 and pilots will have no problem converting from the Streak 3 or even slower Cruze wing.

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