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across Australia air tours

Across Australia air tours


Information for passengers

Byron Bay Microlights offers an exciting opportunity to travel as a passenger in a microlight on a long distance cross country adventure flight organised by BBM. You are invited to join us on a flying tour to some of the most renowned, picturesque places that Australia has to offer.

Whilst a microlight does not have the “comfort” of Jet-Star nor the speed of a F-11, it does allow you to fly lower and for longer enabling you to take in more of the scenery. You are protected from the elements only by the helmet and the flight suit while in the air but you can be assured that you are seated in a small but very reliable and proven aircraft made by one of the leading manufacturers of microlights in the world – Airborne. All aircraft are tested to high standards and certified by CASA.

Your pilot will be an experienced flying instructor that will take care of the aircraft, will make you as comfortable as possible and will take off in weather conditions that guarantee safety and enjoyment. The money you pay to share in the flight cost is also an investment in a long Trial Instructional Flight. We will not be surprised if after the trip you come back to us for training to take the next adventure trip as a pilot in command from the front seat.

Information for participation pilots

Pilots share a fascination for just flying. For the pilot and / or owner of a microlight aircraft, exploring unique and remote destinations in Australia  enhances that interest even more  whilst also  improving  x-country abilities and flying in general.

The air tour will give you a chance to achieve this with other like minded pilot-travellers, in comfort and with the convenience of a group tour.

As a pilot in command, you will be responsible for any decisions related to the safety of your flying.Byron Bay Microlights and its representatives will not influence your practical decision and will limit itself  to giving advice based on the knowledge and experience of the participating instructors. The inclusions listed are given to you only for your consideration and they are not instructions you should follow unreservedly.

You will visit all the best and also less known places and we will ensure that you have a great time. The tours are aimed at pilots with X-country and Radio Endorsements who want to enhance their flying experience and further improve their outback x-country ability.


The tours will commence any time dependent upon the level of interest in and when the minimum number of participants is achieved. Since flying is weather dependent, itineraries may need to be adjusted accordingly so you should include in your holiday plans some extra time to complete the trip.

Please contact Richard on 0407 281 687 if you have any questions.

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