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Christophe Impeciati from Singapore chose Byron Bay Microlights for training combining it with holidays at the end of 2009.
After the three short holidays his training has been completed.

Christophe will be returning to live in Australia and he is now looking for partners to buy a microlight  to enjoy flying. The aircraft would be hangared at BBM facilities. Anybody interested in forming a syndicate please contact us for more information.



Having never been in a microlight previously, Tanya Lee and Richard  Montaque, both from Paris, combined pilot training and holidays in Australia. Tanya and Richard are now on the way to realising their dream of taking on adventure flying to exotic destinations in Australia and other world locations.


A Pilot Training-Holiday Package is the answer to the common dilemma of sharing time for pilot training with time for relaxation, holidays and quite often time spent with your family.

If you are available for lessons for extended training visits, it is possible to progress to solo standard with an average of between 10 to 15 hours of instruction. Those flying hours are achievable over a period of one to two weeks taking into consideration weather conditions.

At the beginning, you will be in air in calm “no wind” conditions. This is usually 1-2 hours in the early morning and late afternoon. You can spend the time in between with your family, partner or just enjoying the relaxed and alternative atmosphere of Byron Bay.
Its charm coupled with its many beaches, Julian Rocks Marine Reserve, Cape Byron lighthouse, unspoiled hinterland, and nearby World Heritage listed National Parks offers the opportunity to spend relaxed, quality time with your family as well as an ideal backdrop for learning to fly.

In conclusion in one or two extended visits you could attain the solo stage and with an additional visit, it is possible to attain your pilot’s licence.

A package is also an attractive option for students from Sydney or even Melbourne.
For example, living in Sydney, for microlight training you must go to schools out of Sydney
and travel by car to training airstrips. With hectic city traffic and motorway tolls it takes less time and money to get to Byron Bay then to go to your “nearest” microlight school.
You can buy a return air ticket to Ballina/Byron or Gold Coast for as low as $140 if planning ahead and within one hour you could be here. So, Ballina aerodrome and Tyagarah airstrip near Byron Bay might be your best option for the “nearby” training ground.

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