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For a weightshift microlight pilot's licence you must complete a minimum 20 flying hours of in-flight instruction. This includes a minimum of 5 hours supervised solo flying. There are also a minimum 15 hours of on-ground lessons. Theory lessons an study materials will be delivered on line using ZOOM and some aircraft specific hands on ground lessons will be done at our hangar in Ballina.

To secure your place on the pilot training course you need to pre-pay a minimum of 5 hours if you intend to use the school trike or 10 hours if you use your own trike. For the rest of the training you can book your lessons singly on a pay-as-you-go basis. However, by block booking a course of ten lessons, will reduce the hourly cost.




  1 flying hour (pay-as-you-go)



  5 flying hours’ pre-paid



  10 flying hours pre-paid



  1 hour on ground lessons



  5 hours on ground lessons



  10 hours on ground lessons



  Multiple choice exams



During the course you are required to take two revision/test exams and also pass the Pre-Solo, Pilot Certificate (BAK) and Air Legislation multiple choice exams at a cost of $161 each.

The other initial costs is your RAA Membership Fee - refer to RAAus website.

The book Microlight Pilot's Handbook by Brian Cosgrove is the well established source of information for every microlight pilot that will remain valuable long after the course is finished. The book can be ordered on   websites.

The membership entitles a new member to engage in training – it does not provide for any cover as a pilot certificate. The insurance is only provided under the membership type while operating under the direct supervision of an approved Flight Instructor.
A student will receive a Restricted Pilot Certificate upon completion of a recognised Flight Training Course with an approved instructor.

A student is expected to complete the radio course and to pass the examination for Radio Operator Endorsement before applying for a Restricted Pilot Certificate. Cost of the course and examination is $700. RAA students will also have to complete Human Factors course and pass the  examination. Cost of the course and examination is $590.

A Passenger Carriage Endorsement can be obtain after pilot have accrued a minimum of 10 hours flight time as pilot in command and after passing a flight test with a Pilot Examiner or a CFI.
Cost of a Passenger Carriage Endorsement is $268.

For information about Cross Country Endorsement see X-Country Endorsement training course

Payment for pilot training must be received in our account before lessons can commence.
Deposit should be made directly to Westpac bank account: BSB 032- 591   Acc No 287758
or if paying by a credit card select Pilot Training Booking from the menu on the left panel on this page and follow the instructions.

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